October 18, 2017

Welcome to Open Water Swim Academy!

Come for a swim, enjoy the adventure, and experience the wonders of open water swimming.
Whether you’re novice or experienced, young or old, fast or cruising speed, our programs span the spectrum from one-on-one and group swimming to competitive coaching, and everything in between. So, whatever it is that’s calling you out to swim in the wide open water, contact us and we’ll provide the structure, expertise, support and safety to give you the best swimming experience you’ve ever had…guaranteed!

Imagine the open water, as far as you can see, full of possibilities and opportunities. Endless excellence. Don your cap and goggles, dive in and you’re off…No walls, no flip turns, no counting laps! Click Here For More Info
Our T.E.M.P. system will guide open water-minded swimmers of all ages through the: Technical, Environmental, Mental and Physical components of Open Water Swimming
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Experience the awesome challenge of crossing the Catalina Channel. We offer coaching and coordination of swims across the Catalina Channel.
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