“Thanks for a spectacular morning swim at La Jolla Cove, Dan!! My kids had the best time and loved every minute of it! They cannot wait to get back out there with you. You Rock!!”

– Amy McVeigh

“Thanks for an awesome swim in the cove! I enjoyed it and I learned a lot.”

– Melissa Sepulveda

“What an amazing swim in the cove last night! Thanks to Dan for taking me out to explore the caves and the sea life. Being a new swimmer to the cove he sincerely took his time to go over safety tips and ensure I was comfortable at all times. In my opinion there is no better way to work out! I encourage everyone to give it a try. Contact the Swim Academy to share the exhilarating feel of ocean water swimming in breath taking La Jolla Cove!!”

– Audrey Schumm

“Thanks for an awesome swim, Dan! Loads of fun, great shark watching (never saw that before!) and cave exploring. Appreciated all the insights as well about the land/water conditions.”

– Joseph Kim

“Thanks again Dan for the beautiful swim and cave exploration yesterday! Last time was a dolphin, this time a seal…what will we encounter on our next swim?!”

– Matthew

“Hi Dan, Thanks for a fantastic swim. The water was great and it was a lot of fun exploring the caves. Hope to make it out there again soon.”  

– John Royer

“I had such a great time swimming the cove and learning some new techniques to improve my swim. It is such a great culture of swimmers in the cove! Thanks Dan Simonelli”

– Tricia Wilson

“Just had my first open water swim today in La Jolla and saw a dolphin 10 feet away! Awesome day, thanks for the tutelage Dan Simonelli.”

– Matthew Ritchey

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